Northern Mainland Nova Scotia - Hatch The Chicken

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Homestead Lisa & James with their family are serving Pictou County and surrounding areas.

Rent The Chicken - Northern Mainland, NS

Hatch The Chicken Rental Package - $220 CDN
  • Five week rental combined with your Rent The Chicken rental or a five week period convenient for you
  • Delivery, setup, and pick-up (within the parameters of the Free Delivery area outlined below)
  • Mini incubator
  • Seven fertile eggs
  • High powered "candling light" to examine the eggs during incubation
  • Rent The Chicken Chick Starter Kit - brooder box, wood shavings, chick feed, water dish, feed dish, Brinsea EcoGlow heat source, and thermometer
  • Quick guide on caring for the incubator, fertile eggs, and chicks
  • A copy of the book "Where Do Chicks Come From?" by Amy E. Sklansky for yours to keep
  • Limited number of Easter Hatch The Chicken - $50 additional fee
Please call us at 647-313-3997 or Toll Free 844-310-8RTC (8782) to schedule and place your full payment for Hatch The Chicken via e-transfer, cash, cheque, or credit card.

Hatch The Chicken Pricing:
For Rent The Chicken renters we can possibly arrange for Hatch The Chicken to be combined with your Rent The Chicken rental. The price is $170 CDN.
For Hatch The Chicken renters we can schedule your five week rental for a convenient time for you. (Rentals are limited so call today!) The price is $220.
Hatch The Chicken Adoption - $200 CDN
  • All hatched chicks (males and females)
  • Brooder cage, chick waterer, chick feeder, Brinsea EcoGlow heat source, thermometer.
  • Continued Rent The Chicken phone, email, and Facebook group support.

  • Possible Transportation Fees
    Our Rental Packages include FREE DELIVERY within 80 kms of West River Station, NS B0K 1Z0 and in the white shaded area below. We are willing to travel to Halifax, Amherst, and down the Cape Breton Causeway for additional Transportation Fees. For customers outside of our FREE DELIVERY area, please call us at 844-310-8782 for a delivery quote.