Affiliate Program

Rent The Chicken is a rapidly growing chicken rental service. Homestead Phil & Jenn are the co-founders of Rent The Chicken which was founded in 2013. What started as a part-time avenue as supplemental income how grown to have more than 45 farmers and homesteaders in the United States and Canada offering Rent The Chicken as an extension of their farm. Rent The Chicken is more than just a bunch of farmers and homesteaders building chicken coops and delivering chickens. Homestead Phil & Jenn are both committed to Rent The Chicken as their full-time employment. When you call, text, or email to Rent The Chicken, likely Homestead Phil or Jenn will answer. We as Rent The Chicken as a whole are dedicated to being your chicken friends, helping to change local jurisdictions to allow backyard hens, and bringing one step of sustainable agriculture through fresh eggs closer to the table.

We have a number of farmers and homesteaders contact us each week asking for more information on how to join the Rent The Chicken Family as an Affiliate. Please be thinking about the following if you find yourself thinking of adding Rent The Chicken as an offering for your farm or homestead:
  • This is a business venture.
  • Low cost of entry compared to other startup businesses
  • Being a Rent The Chicken Affiliate is SUPER FUN but also requires commitment mainly although the bulk of time is during the Spring and Fall (depending on your climate).
  • We guarantee each Affiliate a 50 mile / 80 km radius in all directions. We don't want to cause competition among ourselves. We also want to make sure a market is saturated prior to adding more locations in the same area.
  • We will want to discuss our Affiliate Program on the phone with you if you are interested in becoming a Rent The Chicken Affiliate. From there, check your email (maybe your spam folder) for more information to connect with us.

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