School Partnerships

Our mission is "Families helping families to bring one food source closer to your table". We've been providing our service to schools to help bring agriculture back into the education system. Often students do not know that an egg right from a hen is ready for breakfast! Some schools budget for our service, other schools have PTO funding, different schools have the rental donated by parents, and other schools fund raise to have us bring a Rental Package to their school.

We have delivered many Rent The Chicken Rental Packages to schools all across the United States and Canada. Our Rent The Chicken packages have traditional Rental Periods are from Spring until Fall. In warmer climates, we can offer Fall until Spring rentals. With either Rental Period, there's either summer or winter break that leaves the school without staff to care for the chickens. We can accommodate schools with the following:

  • Alternate Rental Period of April or May - June and September - October or November depending on climate.
  • Full tutorial to as many students as possible.
  • Recommendations of volunteer schedules.
  • Donation of the provided book with our rentals for the school's library.
  • $50 referral credit on the next invoice for every referral provided by your school.

  • Click here for our locations and then click on the location closest to you. Give us a call at 724-305-0782 (USA) or 844-310-8782 (Toll-Free - Canada) to reserve your Rent The Chicken package to bring backyard chickens to your school!