About Us

Rent The Chicken is a rapidly growing chicken rental service. Homestead Phil & Jenn are the co-founders of Rent The Chicken which was founded in 2013. What started as a part-time avenue as supplemental income has grown to have more than 45 farmers and homesteaders in the United States and Canada offering Rent The Chicken as an extension of their farm. Rent The Chicken is more than just a bunch of farmer and homesteaders building chicken coops and delivering chickens. Homestead Phil & Jenn are both committed to Rent The Chicken as their full-time employment. When you call, text, or email to Rent The Chicken, either Homestead Phil or Jenn will answer. We as Rent The Chicken as a whole are dedicated to being your chicken friends, helping to change local jurisdictions to allow backyard hens, and bringing one step of sustainable agriculture through fresh eggs closer to your table. In all of this, Homestead Jenn has started a blog about life on their homestead called Rent The Chicken's Homestead Jenn - Family. Food. Fun!
Without further ado... here are the farmers and homesteaders who form Rent The Chicken!

United States Locations:

Marana, Arizona - Homestead Greg and Linda and their family (pictured here with Homestead Jenn of Pennsylvania) serve the greater Tucson and Phoenix Areas. Homestead Linda and Homestead Greg moved to Arizona in the summer of 2013 with their 3 children. They've always been interested in bringing their food sources closer to their dinner table through some level of farming. Gardening and keeping livestock have been a part of their family for many years. Both fun and rewarding endeavors, they joined the Rent The Chicken Family to help spread this idea. They love hearing stories from people about how they discovered these same principles!

San Martin, CA - Homestead Cecilia and David with their family are serving The Bay Area, San Francisco, North Bay, and East Bay. The Sternzon Family Farm started several years ago with just six backyard hens in a busy suburb of San Jose, CA. Along with their young daughter, they collected eggs and maintained a thriving family garden, following the trend of Urban Farming. After “accidentally” adopting a young rooster chick that had been dumped at a local shelter, they realized that they were going to need more space. In July of 2015, the family moved to San Martin, California, where they could more easily keep Princess the Rooster (as they had named him) as well as the chickens, rabbits, turtles, cats and dogs that they already had, most of which were adopted from local shelters and rescue groups. Very involved in pet rescue, they most love that Rent the Chicken will help keep unwanted chickens from ending up in the local shelters. They have also become involved in chicken rescue, with several adopted hens added to their own flock.

Fort Collins and Denver, Colorado - Skirt In The Dirt Co-op, LLC is an up and coming collective out of Fort Collins, CO looking to cultivate, inspire, and participate in the urban farming initiative. The Co-op is operated by Homestead Callie and Homestead Melissa. Callie grew up on a farm in Kansas and moved to Colorado in 2008 to explore the wild west. Melissa grew up in Evergreen, CO, moved to Fort Collins, CO to attend CSU and fell in love with the area. Skirt In The Dirt’s current focus is on Rent The Chicken. As they grow, they have plans of being a part of Fort Collins’ vibrant sustainability movement by building, promoting, and encouraging all facets of urban farming in the Fort Collins community.

Wallingford, CT - Homestead Ida & Joe with their family are serving the Greater Hartford and Shoreline Area and beyond. Both are full-time farmers and are raising their sons on their family farm with greenhouses, vegetable fields, annuals, goats and of course, their chickens. Homestead Joe is a fourth generation farmer on the same land, growing the same crops. Homestead Ida connects with the community through their farm stand at Farmer Joe’s Gardens where they coordinate their Rent The Chicken operation in-between their CSA and gardening products. Joe and Ida were named the National Outstanding Young Farmers of the Year in 2016. They have been hosting chicken workshops for since 2012 to introduce folks to the joy of farm fresh eggs and chicken 101. They are extremely egg-cited about being part of Rent The Chicken.

Ringgold, GA - The trio of Homestead Katie, Tommy, and Darrell offer Rent The Chicken to Atlanta, Northwest Georgia, Southeastern TN / Chattanooga, and Knoxville. Homestead Katie grew up on a small 80 acre hobby farm from birth. They had just about every farm animal come through their farm that you could imagine and even little wildlife critters, too! Currently on the farm, they raise the lowline Belted Galloways as grass fed beef, Bantam Cochin chickens for pets and show. Recently Homestead Katie fell in love with mini Hereford cows. She plans to start a herd late this year. They can't forget to mention that Jackson, their donkey, keeps the coyotes at bay and their horses graze contently in the fields. Homestead Katie rides as time allows as horses were her first love. Homestead Darrell is Homestead Katie's dad and owns his business off farm but you can find him in the evenings feeding the cattle. In the Summer, his sanctuary is in the hay field. Homestead Tommy is her husband and the love of her life. He didn't grow up on a farm but he got there as fast as he could through Homestead Katie! She instilled chicken fever in him and together they love tending to their chickens and creating the best flock they can of Bantam Cochins show chickens. On their farm, 4 Seasons, they work hard and love harder. Family is important to them and they don't meet strangers often as strangers quickly become friends. Away from the farm, you can find them fishing or spending time with their fur babies - their three dogs. They spend a lot of time outdoors and enjoy taking day trips to small towns to find new BBQ restaurants (Don't tell the chickens!). They are egg-cited to be offering Rent The Chicken to their local community and beyond!

Indianapolis, Indiana - Homestead Randy & Monica have lived in Indianapolis for over 10 years and were ecstatic to be able to raise their four children in a more sustainable way. They can be found tending to their garden and preserving their harvest by canning or freezing but Monica has always wanted to do more. They started with a few chickens. After a few losses and A LOT of learning, they established their first flock. After this, the whole family fell in love with the urban homesteading concept and they soon expanded their flock. Now they operate as Plaid Cow Stables, LLC. They raise and process pastured chickens and turkeys for egg and meat production. They also raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats for milk production and Angora goats for fiber production. From he beginning, Homestead Randy & Monica have enjoyed sharing their harvest and experiences with family and friends. It was no surprise when they joined the Rent The Chicken Family as a way to share the love and understanding of raising backyard hens! They also offer Hatch The Chicken to Indianapolis and beyond!

Hagerstown, Maryland - Homestead Zeke, Lesley, and their family are serving Hagerstown & Frederick, Maryland; Greater Baltimore & Washington, DC Areas; Chambersburg, Shippensburg, & Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; Martinsburg, WV; and Winchester, VA. Homestead Zeke and Lesley operate Hen of the Woods homestead in Hagerstown, MD. Here they raise their two sons and lead a life as sustainable as possible while trying to reduce their ecological footprint on the earth. Both were raised in rural Western PA with families that valued home grown foods. On their homestead, they raise and process pastured chickens and turkeys for egg and meat production, as well as Nigerian dwarf goats for milk production. You will find them tending their garden, fruit trees, and berry bushes in order to preserve their harvest by drying, canning, and freezing goodies for their family to enjoy throughout the year. They appreciate harvesting wild edibles, fish, and game throughout the seasons, as well. Knowing the high volume of processed foods that are consumed by people on a daily basis and the disconnect within the current food system, they realized that Rent The Chicken was a chance for them to share their education and passion for sustainable food with other families. Because both Homestead Zeke and Lesley are teachers, it seemed like this opportunity would be a great fit. They are egg-cited to help others gain an understanding and love for how easy and rewarding it is to have backyard hens!

Hollywood, Maryland - Homestead Bear, Audrey and their family are serving St. Mary's and Calvert Counties in Maryland. (More info to come!)

Cassopolis, Michigan - Homestead Susan & Rob are serving Michiana, Chicago and the surrounding areas. They are proud parents of four and newly grandparents to four. Their wonderful family also consists of rabbits, turkeys, guineas, and ducks! They relocated almost nine and a half years ago due to employment and at the same time gained an opportunity to start living a more sustainable lifestyle that they have always desired. Much to their surprise, they quickly found that their addition of chickens provided a greater asset to them. Their chickens provide a stress reliever to their careers with Rob being in municipal Safety and Risk and Susan in management. They are egg-cited to bring their love of chickens to others. Since they have had so much joy with chickens, they are excited to join Rent the Chicken to bring joy to other families and to help others work towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Holly (Rose Township), Michigan - Homestead Susan and Steve are serving the Northern Detroit Suburbs, South Central Michigan, and surrounding areas. A dedicated homemaker and corporate executive left the fast pace of city life and acquired their quaint 10 acre homestead in Holly (Rose Township), MI during the Spring of 2013 to raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Heritage Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens. They are the owners of Eden's Run Farm offering goat milk body products. Family and friends often refer to them as the couple from the 1960’s television sitcom, Green Acres and each year, truly look forward to breeding, hatching, and raising the next generation of chickens. Today, they “eggs-itedly” serve the Northern Detroit Suburbs and South Central Michigan with layers from their carefully selected breeding families.

Ruby, Michigan - Homestead Dante and Raymond, along with their kids, Niko and Adler, serve the Port Huron, Flint, Northern Detroit suburbs and surrounding areas from their six acre farm, Arcadial Farms, in Ruby, MI based in the microclimate near beautiful Lake Huron. They raise chickens, quail and rabbits along with growing elephant garlic, pearl oyster mushrooms, and heirloom varieties of vegetables and fruit. Adler shows her favorite chickens at 4-H and the family loves attending poultry exhibition shows throughout the Midwest showing their award winning show chickens. They raise Orpingtons, Australorps, Black Stars, Easter Eggers and Rhode Island Reds in addition to Seramas which are small, sweet, docile birds and Ameraucanas, which lay amazing blue eggs. These one-time city dwellers fell in love with raising farm animals and growing things after moving from Southern California to Michigan. They love learning how to do more with all that nature offers. At the heart of their day, is a flock of chickens that have become such an important part of their family and who produce the best tasting eggs in the world!

Kansas City, Missouri - Homestead Candy & Alex and their family are serving the Greater Kansas City, Missouri Area and surrounding areas. They’ve been married for almost 2 decades enjoying their blended family with four children and two grandchildren. Homestead Candy & Alex were both born and raised in the city. About five years ago, they moved for a change of pace of the country lifestyle. In addition to Rent The Chicken, Homestead Candy can be found happily serving up delicious food at the Hyvee Market Grille in Gladstone, MO while Homestead Alex is in the car battery manufacturing industry. In addition to raising chickens, they also raise ducks, goats, rabbits, guinea hens, cats, lizards, turtles, fish, and a dog at their Bashor Family Farm Ranch where they also grow produce and food for their animals. They are hoping to soon add cows, pigs, and bees. They are looking forward to meeting their renters of Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken!

Blair, Nebraska - Homestead Patrick & Sara are serving Omaha, NE and surrounding areas. Together with their son Lucas, they traded in their contemporary city home for life on an acreage. They are servicing all of Nebraska and Eastern Iowa with Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken. They also service Sioux City, IA and surrounding areas. Homestead Patrick grew up in Wyoming and spent summers working on his family's farm in central Nebraska. His dream job would be to be a farmer; however, life had other plans. Homestead Sara grew up shopping in downtown Chicago and has lived in a major city most of her life. After having their son in 2010, Homestead Pat never stopped looking for the right acreage to buy. He wanted to share his love of the land and nature with his son. Homestead Sara agreed as long as she could get chickens and peafowl and not live too far away from 24 hour shopping. Homestead Sara and Patrick formed The Church Life LLC under which they breed and sell chickens, eggs, essential oils and other homemade and natural products. They currently share their acreage with more than 150 feathered friends including chicken, peafowl, ducks, and turkey. Their flock has been National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) certified by the US Department of Agriculture. They look forward to sharing their chicken love with the Omaha, NE- Council Bluffs, IA surrounding area!

Goffstown, NH - Homestead Christine & Brian and their family are serving Southeastern New Hampshire as well as Boston, Mass and surrounding areas from Templeton Family Organics, LLC farm located on the historic farmstead of Kennedy Hill Farm. On their farm, they pasture raise organic and non-gmo pigs, turkeys, and chickens while they offer a variety of delicious organic vegetables, honey, maple syrup, and more. Their pigs are also certified Animal Welfare Approved. Templeton Family Organics, LLC offers a variety of high quality meats, fruits, vegetables for individuals, families, and businesses. They LOVE visitors especially in the fall for seasonal pumpkins and gourds. Homestead Christine & Brian are egg-cited to now offer Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken to their local communities of Manchester, Concord, Boston, North Shore, and beyond.

Southampton, New Jersey - Homestead Jack, Katie, and their two young boys are servicing all of New Jersey with Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken. They also offer Rent The Chicken to Long Island! As parents they are very passionate about teaching their children where food comes from. Katie, as a Biology and Environmental Science high school teacher, strives to also spread the word about sustainable, healthy food to other families. The family has been raising their own chickens and at times ducks, for 8+ years. Katie's family owns a local farm market, Red Top in Southampton, NJ, where they sell eggs and chicks. They are very excited to be able to share their love of backyard chickens with their customers and community.

Hastings, New York - Homestead Lisa and Steve are serving the Central New York area including Syracuse, Watertown, Oswego, Cortland, Utica, and surrounding areas. They have been married for over 3 decades and live on 21 acres of land that include some wetland with nesting Great Blue Herons. They enjoy watching the herons raise their families each year. In the last 30 plus years, they have had various pets including ducks, geese, rabbits, pheasants, quail, pigeons, dogs, cats, and a goat. Now they just have a motley flock of chickens and a Jack Russell Terrier. Steve and Lisa are both retired from long term jobs and are ready for the next chapter in their life. They enjoy spending time with their family including 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren. They are excited to join Rent The Chicken to share the joy of keeping chickens not only for the eggs but as fun pets too!

Franklinton, North Carolina - Homestead Todd and Joni, along with their daughter, Rebekah, serve the greater Raleigh/Durham area from their 11 acre farm in Franklinton, NC. They raise chickens, goats, rabbits, pigeons, and bees on their farm, McPhetridge Family Farms, LLC. They hope to soon add a few cows and pigs to their farm. Their goal is to become as self sufficient as possible, using the land and resources God has given them. Homestead Joni has always enjoyed the farming life. She was regularly found in her neighbor's fields when growing up, helping him with his planting and harvesting. Homestead Todd enjoys hard work and keeps the farm going. Their daughter, Rebekah, loves living on a farm. She is in 4-H, where she has shown goats, rabbits, and will soon be showing chickens. They are all excited to show others how living the farm life can be rewarding and just how fun and simple raising chickens for eggs can be!

Lodi, Ohio - Homestead Steve and Cindy are now serving Northeast Ohio to include Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Mansfield, and all areas in between! They created Earth Song Farm about 10 years ago as a working, visible model of sustainable and holistic living to inspire the young people of tomorrow. It is multi-faceted. Cindy is an artist, herbalist, Tai-Chi instructor and author of a new book called "Simply Natural". Steve runs a small printing company, makes heirloom toys and is in charge of about 130 chickens. Life is full of magic and raising farm animals brings a connection to the earth.

Walbridge, Ohio - Homestead Lindsay and Nick are serving the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan area from their 30-acre Lakefield Poultry Farms in Walbridge, Ohio. Nick is from Fostoria, Ohio and attended Tiffin University majoring in Marketing. Lindsay is from Walbridge, Ohio and grew up raising chickens through the Wood County Ohio 4-H program. She attended The Ohio State University majoring in Animal Sciences and then received her PhD in Poultry Physiology from Auburn University. Lindsay and Nick are sharing their love of chickens with their young son, Killian.

Xenia, Ohio - Homestead Bill & Debbie serve Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding areas. While enjoying time with their grandchildren, their grandchildren enjoy time with their chickens! Homestead Bill is a general contractor by trade and enjoys building rental coops for the renters in the Greater Dayton, Ohio Area. Homestead Debbie is recently retired! Together they offer Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken to their community. They are egg-cited to meet their customers and share the joy of backyard chickens.

Liverpool, Pennsylvania - Homestead Chris & Kay with their family serve Central Pennsylvania and the Greater Philadelphia Area from their 18 acre Pollyanna Farms in Liverpool, PA. Pollyanna Farms' name rights come from a dance hall that was used during prohibition. Their household includes three children, Chris' mom, and a pile of pups round out the farm crew! Chris was injured in a work related accident in 2017. He's not yet back to using power tools but he's back to driving and using as many manual tools as he can get his hands on! Kay works part time driving a street sweeper to clean parking lots and recently graduated as an EMT! Raising pastured pork and poultry maintains their farming goal of giving the animals the best possible life while they do the activities nature intended them to do. Their pigs spend the day rooting up the ground, playing in the wallows, and of course loving to roll in the mud! Their chickens are provided with fresh pasture every morning to give a variety of vegetation and insects. All of their animals are out in the sunshine all day with opportunities to go under shelter as needed. Since joining the Rent the Chicken family in the Spring of 2015, they have had a fun time sharing the joys of raising chickens with family and individuals that would not have this opportunity other wise. Over the Summer of 2015, they also provided two hens on Broadway with Penn and Teller! As the future comes, they intend to offer meat sales, adding pasture raised turkeys, to help their community know where and how their food sources are raised.

Freeport, Pennsylvania - Homestead Jenn & Phil are the co-founders of Rent The Chicken. It started as a way to earn supplemental income and is now full time employment for both stretching across the United States and Canada. They are blessed to be connected with many hard working individuals that make Rent The Chicken successful. On their homestead, they raise chickens, meat rabbits, and ducks (sometimes turkeys and meat chickens, too!). In their spare time, they enjoy motorcycling, canoeing, camping, and spending time with their kitty, Givi. As if life isn't busy enough, they are also Foster Parents! They are very involved with their local church, being on the worship team (Homestead Phil plays the trombone and bass guitar but not at the same time!), and being involved with the community. Homestead Jenn has a new blog about all things on their homestead: Rent The Chicken's Homestead Jenn - Family. Food. Fun!. Homestead Phil enjoys chatting on his HAM Radio talking all over the world without a telephone! Seeing the smiles on their renters faces is what they look forward to when making deliveries for Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken.

Saltsburg, PA - Homestead Brandon & Alyssa are serving Laurel Highlands, Indiana & Cambria Counties, and beyond. They live on a small farm along the Kiski River in Saltsburg, PA. They began with a few chickens for tick removal throughout the yards. Quickly, a few birds turned into upwards of 50 birds, a few pigs, and a few goats (in addition to their dogs, cats, and household python). They continue to expand their homestead ventures and are found more often than not enjoying their hobby farm.
Lascassas, TN - Homestead RayLee and Bubba are now serving Middle Tennessee. Their farm is located in a small Tennessee town of Lascassas. They have three children and two grandchildren who they enjoy spending time with. If they aren't with their family or on the farm, they can be found hunting, fishing, kayaking, camping, and horse riding! They are egg-cited to offer Rent The Chicken as an extension of their farm.

McKenzie, TN - Homestead David & Jessica are serving West Tennessee, Memphis, and surrounding areas. They have a small 20 acre farm of their own in McKenzie TN where they raise pastured chickens and goats. After 7 years in the Army as a medic David began a career in Agriculture. With Jessica being a special education teacher and David being certified as a high school AG teacher, David and Jessica enjoy being able to bring the joy of agriculture into their classrooms. When they are not educating students, you will find them and their son Jaxon out working on the family farm - slopping hogs and taking care of their hens.

Beeville, Texas - Homestead Scott and Christina with their family are serving South Texas including Bee, Goliad, Karnes, Live Oak, & San Patricio Counties, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio. They have been married for 18 years and have seven children ranging in ages from three to 16. They are a homeschooling family that love the land and everything God has provided. This includes raising a wide variety of animals and produce on their homestead, "God's P Pod". Some of their goals include providing local products to the community, and educating others where their food comes from. Rent The Chicken fits beautifully into their plans, because it helps families connect with their food source. This family is always working for and with others through volunteer programs such as Lions Club, HSLDA Compassion, and CASA. Gen. 1:31 "And God saw every thing that He had made, and behold, it was very good."

Gunter, Texas - Homestead Ron and Jenine, along with their 9 children, enjoy the quiet country life while providing Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken to Dallas, Ft Worth, and North Texas. Ron, an Illinois Yankee and former Marine, and Jenine, a North Texas native and loving homeschool mom, raise their blended family just north of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Jenine is a homeschool wife and mom, loving and caring for the family each and every day. She is an avid non-fiction reader, an Instant-Pot master, and budding farmer. Together, they enjoy making their home a place of love, learning, and joy. Jenine is an organizer and longs to live in a tiny-home but with 9 children, compromises have been made. Ron is self-employed for the last 11 years at Trinity Integration, a small software and hardware integration company and together, they are active in serving their church and teaching in their local homeschool co-op. The entire Dunning family enjoys many distractions like hatching any egg they can get their hands on, making butter and yogurt, beekeeping, bluegrass music, and they’ve been known to play a game of chess or two. The Homestead Dunnings are working to grow the family farm from a hobby to a point of sustainability, and it has provided them plenty of opportunities to teach their children good stewardship of the land and resources they have. Along the way, they have watched the miracles all around them of things being born, hatched, grown, sprouted, fermented, and composted. They are always eager to share their love and passion for all things homestead and are looking forward to helping make chickens an easy, no risk, addition to backyards throughout North Texas because that’s just what they do.

Milano, Texas - Homestead Brad and Suzanne are serving Central Texas, from Austin, to Waco, Bryan/College Station to Normangee, Houston, and everything in between. Brad and Suzanne are both high school graduates from Cy-Fair High School in Cypress, Texas. Brad claims Lubbock as his home town and is a US Marine, TSTC graduate, and has more than 20 years of experience as a mechanical designer and inventor. Suzanne is a 1999 graduate of Baylor University in Waco, Texas majoring in Education, Spanish, and Public Speaking which led to being a passionate public school teacher for several years. They have been married for 21 years and have five children ages 11 - 17, whom they homeschool. They own Flip Flop Spanish and and supply the nation with innovative Spanish curriculum products and tools. Suzanne, a self-proclaimed Crazy Chicken Lady, has her own Facebook page and blog entitled “My Chicken Addiction” which pre-dates the family learning about Rent the Chicken by three years. With teaching, designing, and building, being their greatest passions, they are extremely egg-cited to offer Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken to their local of Milano, Texas as well as to the entire Central Texas Area.

Colchester, VT - Homestead Jillian & Sy are now serving Burlington and Northwestern Vermont. Despite working full time in the healthcare field, Homestead Jillian and Sy still make time to devote to their small backyard farm, which they consider a little piece of paradise. What started out as two rescued horses has grown to four rescued horses, rabbits, chickens, and ducks. While the chickens started out as pest control (for ticks!), they quickly became some of the favorite critters around the farm. Although Homestead Jillian does most of the farm chores, she couldn’t do it without Homestead Sy’s help - mostly his coop building! When they’re not at work or doing chores, they enjoy snowboarding in the winter, riding their motorcycles in warmer weather, and spending time with their two dogs, Stella and Ivy. They are egg-cited to share the experience of keeping backyard chickens through Rent The Chicken in Vermont!

Ferrum, VA - Homestead Lindsey is now serving Roanoke, Virginia and surrounding areas. (More to come.)

Merrill, Wisconsin - Homestead Deb and family are serving the Greater Wausau Area as well as Madison and Milwaukee. Deb has had chickens ever since she was a little girl. A big Cochin Hen named "Grandma" followed her all over the farm growing up. Deb with her husband Wayne, son Duston, and daughter Nikki help with the chicken business. Currently they have 22 chickens, two Welsh Harlequin ducks, an outside cat that sleeps with the chickens and ducks, and 3 dogs. Deb is an avid flower and vegetable gardener. Wayne and Duston have built her flower beds, chicken coops, and most recently raised garden beds out of cinder block. They just dread when she finds a new idea on Pinterest, because it usually means more work for them.:) Deb's other hobbies include canning, crafts, crocheting, playing a little banjo, and racing in the mud bogs with her family and friends. Deb is extremely excited to now offer RENT THE CHICKEN!!!

Canada Locations:
Kamloops, British Columbia - Homestead Ron (not pictured) and Marie are serving Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon, the Lower Mainland and the surrounding areas where they operate a small family farm just outside of Kamloops. They raise lambs and broiler chickens for sale in the region. Active in 4-H, they are proud to be part of developing and supporting the next generation of farmers and producers. Ron and Marie are excited about Rent The Chicken as a natural extension of their farm, providing opportunities for people to connect with their food sources. They are now also offering Hatch The Chicken to Kamloops!

Victoria, British Columbia - Homestead Kate and Mike serve Victoria and the surrounding areas. Homestead Kate started Bees Please Farms as a way to help people in the city get to enjoy mini farms on their own properties. She grew up in Greater Vancouver and by no means was a farm girl, but as soon as she bought a house with her husband and started food gardening she was hooked. Homestead Kate rents out chickens as an affiliate of Rent the Chicken, and also rents out bees throughout the city. "I get to meet so many great people through my business. People want to feel that connection to where their food comes from. They also want to do what they can to support the environment. I help them do this and it couldn't make me happier." Place your $50 deposit today and don't miss out on your own chicken rental! Homestead Kate sells out every year so don't delay!

Allison, New Brunswick - Homestead Tiffany & Jeff with their children are offering Rent The Chicken to Moncton and beyond! They are the Thorne Family. They own and operate Thornehill Farm in Allison, NB. They raise dairy goats, make handcrafted artisan goats milk soaps, and other products on site. They have cows, chickens, turkeys, pigs, and laying hens while they offer fresh local produce seasonally. They are egg-cited to be part of the Rent The Chicken Family and share their love & passion of farm fresh to table with their customers.

Haute-Aboujagane, New Brunswick - Homestead Josée, Sébastien and young family are presently serving all of New Brunswick. They've always enjoy growing fresh food in their garden. Now with a chicken coop, it’s even better! It’s amazing when you can walk out of your house and come back with either breakfast, lunch our supper, depending on the egg recipe you have in hand. It simply feels great! A couple of years ago, Homestead Sébastien had thought of starting building chicken coops and selling them locally for a past-time. When he saw Rent The Chicken in the news, he thought it was a genius of an idea to provide the layers as well! So here they are... Happy to start serving their region in the spring of 2016. This business venture is also the start of a bigger adventure of have their own hobby farm with a few more animals in the future.

Appin, ON - Homestead James & Pam with their family are serving South Western Ontario. (More details to come!)

Barrie, Ontario - Homestead Sharon and Mark are serving North-Central Ontario (NCO). They pursued their dream and relocated to their Homestead “This Old Barn” several years ago. Homestead Mark grew up on a family farm, while Homestead Sharon readily admits she always dreamed of being a farmer's wife when she was a little girl. Living in the heart of Ontario ski country, Homestead Sharon & Mark along with their sons take every opportunity to take advantage of the local alpine & nordic ski resorts in the area. Their summers are spent tending to the homestead and enjoying the many lakes and hiking trails in their area. Sharon quickly started an organic garden, acquired her first flock of chickens and hasn’t look back. A close friend, also a chicken enthusiast, was “gifted” a chicken from Homestead Sharon. Not only did “Princess Laya” assist in sustainable urban living, but she also provided hours of family entertainment. If you dropped in for a visit, “Laya” could be found tanning by the poolside, on bug patrol in the families backyard garden, or even relaxing by the family’s campfire. Princess Laya was so popular, that Rent The Chicken North-Central Ontario was hatched. Rent The Chicken North-Central Ontario (NCO) provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy urban homesteading in the mild months without the long term commitment including wintering hens.

Moffat, Ontario - Homestead Kate and Ivan, along with their three young sons, own and operate Belbeck's Family Farm, a 50 acre pasture-raised meat and egg farm, serving South-Central Ontario. They believe in sustainable agriculture that supports the health of the land, their animals, and their customers! Using natural farming practices, their farm offerings include grass-fed beef, pork, chicken, and other poultry. Kate is a poultry enthusiast with a special interest in unique breeds and heritage laying chickens, as well as raising pastured meat chickens, turkeys and ducks. They are thrilled to be able to share the poultry keeping experience with the region!

Prince Edward Island - Homestead Sally & Mark with their family serve all of PEI. They also own and operate Barnyard Organics which is based in Freetown, PEI. They have 550 acres of certified organic grains and oilseeds. They also specialize in organic chicken, organic eggs, and organic livestock feed. They are the PEI distributor for Bio-Ag as well. They are a young, family friendly farm and pride themselves on producing the highest quality, healthiest food while making the least impact on our environment.

Dalmeny, Saskatchewan - Homestead Aaron & Shanda with their family are serving Saskatoon, Central Saskatchewan, Prince Albert, and Regina. They started The Family Farm with the idea in mind that people should be able to know where their food is coming from. As soon as they heard of Rent The Chicken they fell love with the idea of people being able to get farm fresh eggs at home just like they could. It had been a dream of Aaron and Shanda's to one day live on a farm and be able to get their own farm fresh eggs and they are happy that they can now bring that dream to others too. Chickens are just one of the many animals that they have on their farm and they often joke that they have their own petting zoo! But even though there are many animals to choose from, the chickens still stands out as a favorite of their children and they can often be seen carrying a chicken friend around the farm with them.