About Us

Rent The Chicken is a rapidly growing chicken rental service. Homestead Phil & Jenn are the co-founders of Rent The Chicken which was founded in 2013. What started as a part-time avenue as supplemental income has grown to have farmers and homesteaders in the United States and Canada offering Rent The Chicken as an extension of their farm. Rent The Chicken is more than just a bunch of farmer and homesteaders building chicken coops and delivering chickens. Homestead Phil & Jenn are both committed to Rent The Chicken as their full-time employment. When you call, text, or email to Rent The Chicken, either Homestead Phil or Jenn will answer unless Homestead Miranda or Homestead Jill answers! Homestead Miranda has been with us since October of 2020 here at Rent The Chicken! Homestead Jill has been with us since early 2023! We as Rent The Chicken as a whole are dedicated to being your chicken friends, helping to change local jurisdictions to allow backyard hens, and bringing one step of sustainable agriculture through fresh eggs closer to your table. In all of this, Homestead Jenn has started a blog about life on their homestead called Rent The Chicken's Homestead Jenn - Family. Food. Fun!
Without further ado... here are the farmers and homesteaders who form Rent The Chicken!

United States Locations:

Marana, Arizona - Homestead Greg and Linda and their family serve the greater Tucson and Phoenix Areas. Homestead Linda and Homestead Greg moved to Arizona in the summer of 2013 with their 3 children. They've always been interested in bringing their food sources closer to their dinner table through some level of farming. Gardening and keeping livestock have been a part of their family for many years. Both fun and rewarding endeavors, they joined the Rent The Chicken Family to help spread this idea. They love hearing stories from people about how they discovered these same principles!

Agua Dulce, California - Homestead Victoria and her family serve the Greater Los Angeles Area with Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken from their farm, Lively Little Farm. Lively Little Farm’s mission is to connect people with their food, their community, and the land we share by bringing small-scale agriculture into homes and neighborhoods. Homestead Victoria and Ryan started with a small flock of three hens in their suburban backyard in Redwood City, CA, but soon their farm dreams and their family outgrew the space. In 2022 they purchased a small, 2.5 acre, farm in Agua Dulce, a small town in northern Los Angeles County. Later that year, Lively Little Farm became an affiliate of Rent the Chicken and Hatch the Chicken. Homestead Victoria looks forward to supporting customers with her firsthand experience keeping backyard chickens and sharing the joy they bring.

Greeley, CO - Homestead Sean and his family are proud to expand their reach to include Fort Collins, Boulder, and Greeley in addition to Denver, Cheyenne, and the surrounding areas with Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken. They are now operating from Blooming Health Farms, a nonprofit aquaponics farm located in Northern Colorado that aims to provide opportunities and employment to at-risk youth aged between 15 to 24. By empowering them with job skills, STEM education, and mental health therapy, the farm is committed to creating future leaders and keeping kids off the streets. Homestead Sean and his team offer a variety of farm-fresh products, including free-range eggs, award-winning cherry tomatoes, and garden starts. As a former at-risk youth himself, Sean has dedicated himself to his passion for agriculture and desire to help others achieve success. That's why they are thrilled to offer Rent The Chicken to Greeley, Fort Collins, Boulder, & Denver and Hatch The Chicken Greeley, Fort Collins, Boulder, & Denver to as an extension of their farm. Fun fact: Homestead Sean's favorite chicken breed is the Buckeye because of their excellent mousing abilities. (Some chickens are better at catching mice than cats!)

Wallingford, CT - Homestead Ida & Farmer Joe with their family are serving the Connecticut from their their four-generation farm. Both are full-time farmers and are raising their sons on their family farm with greenhouses, vegetable fields, annuals, goats, and of course, their chickens. Farmer Joe grows vegetables and plants and builds and maintains the chicken coops. Homestead Ida connects with the community through their farm stand at Farmer Joe’s Gardens where they coordinate their Rent The Chicken operation in-between their CSA and gardening products. Farmer Joe and Homestead Ida were named the National Outstanding Young Farmers of the Year in 2016. They have been hosting chicken workshops since 2011 to introduce folks to the joy of farm fresh eggs and chicken-keeping 101. They are incredibly egg-cited about being part of Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken.

Commerce, GA - Homestead Andrew, Heather, and EJ are egg-cited to service Rent The Chicken to Atlanta, Athens, and Northeast GA as well as Hatch The Chicken to Atlanta, Athens, and Northeast GA. They started White Nova Farms (www.whitenovafarms.com) to share their love of suburban homesteading with others. They began their backyard flock with 2 ducks in 2019, and now raise chickens, ducks, and a goose. Andrew spends his time gardening and growing vegetables year round via hydroponics, Heather loves building things such as chicken coops, handmade furniture and crafts, and EJ loves all things animal related. They love all of the ways that homesteading can enrich your life through food, knowledge and appreciation of nature's resources. They look forward to sharing their love of chickens with you soon!

Haslett, Michigan - Homestead Heather & Mike with their sons Garrett & Hadyen provide Rent The Chicken to Ann Arbor, Detroit Metro, Grand Rapids, Lansing and, Mid-Michigan. They also provide Hatch The Chicken to Ann Arbor, Detroit Metro, Grand Rapids, Lansing and, Mid-Michigan. Mike is a GM electrician out of Bay City. He keeps the farm and chickens in “lights and gadgets”. Heather works as Financial Secretary for a local Union and she maintains the records for the farm. Hayden (11 years) is the woodworker and chicken social activity caretaker. Garrett (12 years) is the marketing guy and baby chick care taker. The family works together making coops and deliveries. When a friend suggested joining the Rent The chicken family, Heather pitched the idea to Mike. He said “Babe, you got to do this, you're already halfway there!” Being a chicken lover her whole life Heather feels at home with the flock and helping new families and children fall in love with chickens. Mike is learning to “wing it” teaching children about the Hatch The Chicken program and building coops for new customers. Their farm “Woods to Lake Rentals” is home to dogs, cats, ducks, turkeys and of course chickens! They are very Egg-cited to welcome everyone to the Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken family!

Cassopolis, Michigan - Homestead Susan & Rob are serving Michiana, Chicago and the surrounding areas. They are proud parents of four and grandparents to five. Their wonderful family also consists of rabbits, turkeys, ducks, two dogs and a cat! They relocated almost 13 years ago due to employment and at the same time gained an opportunity to start living a more sustainable lifestyle that they have always desired. Much to their surprise, they quickly found that their addition of chickens provided a greater asset to them. Their chickens provide a stress reliever to their careers with Rob being in municipal Safety and Risk and Susan in medical management. They are egg-cited to bring their love of chickens to others. Since they have had so much joy with chickens, they are excited to join Rent the Chicken to bring joy to other families and to help others work towards a sustainable lifestyle. They truly enjoy seeing inter city kids as they discover chickens and taking care of them.

Wright City, MO - Homestead Pat & Gina are now serving St Louis with Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken. More details to come.

Blair, Nebraska - Homestead Patrick & Sara are serving Omaha, NE and surrounding areas. Together with their son Lucas, they traded in their contemporary city home for life on an acreage. They are servicing all of Nebraska and Eastern Iowa with Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken. They also service Sioux City, IA and surrounding areas. Homestead Patrick grew up in Wyoming and spent summers working on his family's farm in central Nebraska. His dream job would be to be a farmer; however, life had other plans. Homestead Sara grew up shopping in downtown Chicago and has lived in a major city most of her life. After having their son in 2010, Homestead Pat never stopped looking for the right acreage to buy. He wanted to share his love of the land and nature with his son. Homestead Sara agreed as long as she could get chickens and peafowl and not live too far away from 24 hour shopping. Homestead Sara and Patrick formed The Church Life LLC under which they breed and sell chickens, eggs, essential oils and other homemade and natural products. They currently share their acreage with more than 150 feathered friends including chicken, peafowl, ducks, and turkey. Their flock has been National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) certified by the US Department of Agriculture. They look forward to sharing their chicken love with the Omaha, NE- Council Bluffs, IA surrounding area!

Goffstown, NH - Homestead Christine & Brian and their family are serving Southeastern New Hampshire as well as Boston, Mass and surrounding areas from Templeton Family Organics, LLC farm located on the historic farmstead of Kennedy Hill Farm. On their farm, they pasture raise organic and non-gmo pigs, turkeys, and chickens while they offer a variety of delicious organic vegetables, honey, maple syrup, and more. Templeton Family Organics, LLC offers a variety of high quality meats for individuals, families, and businesses. Homestead Christine & Brian are egg-cited to offer Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken to their local communities of Manchester, Concord, Boston, North Shore, and beyond.

Long Valley, New Jersey - Homestead Marlena of the Pip Farm is now serving Northern New Jersey with Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken! Pip Farm is located in Western Morris County in Northern New Jersey where Homestead Marlena breeds heritage chickens, quail, turkeys, and guineas. All birds are raised with sustainable organic practices, with open air coops for fresh air and sunshine. Chickens range in size from adorable little Silkie and Old English Game bantams, to stately Jersey Giants and Light Brahmas. Easter Eggers, Ameraucana and Dominiques lay colorful eggs including blue, green and shades of pink. The photo shows eggs collected on the farm, including tiny quail eggs to sizable turkey eggs with various shades of chicken eggs as well. Homestead Marlena is egg-cited to offer Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken to Northern New Jersey!

Shamong, New Jersey - Homestead Jack, Katie, and their two young boys are servicing Central & Southern New Jersey with Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken. They also offer Rent The Chicken to Long Island! As parents they are very passionate about teaching their children where their food comes from, through lessons on the farm and in the surrounding woods of the Pine Barrens. Homestead Katie, as a Biology and Environmental Science educator, strives to also spread the word about sustainable, healthy food to other families. The family has been raising their own chickens for 14+ years. On their new farm, Morgan Farms, in Shamong, NJ they also raise pastured pigs, turkeys and chickens. They sell fresh eggs and offer pastured raised pork, turkey, and chicken at Red Top Farm Market. The market is in Southampton, NJ and has been owned by Katie's family for 90+ years. They are very excited to be able to share their love of backyard chickens with their customers and community.

Hastings, New York - Homestead Lisa and Steve are serving Upstate New York area including the Greater Rochester Area, the Finger Lakes Region, Central New York, Albany, and beyond. They are egg-cited for their 5th season with Rent the Chicken and introducing people to backyard chickens. Homestead Lisa and Steve have lived in the Central New York area all their lives and are happy to be retired from corporate and county jobs. Homestead Steve has been a volunteer firefighter for 30 plus years. Homestead Lisa is known as the Egg Lady to her numerous egg customers and the "Chicken Lady" ever since she was featured in local magazines. Look for them at various Central New York events and the Great NY State Fair spreading the word about how renting chickens can lead to adopting their new feathered friends. The expressions on the faces of the renters when they deliver the chickens makes all the hard work worth it. They love to hear the names the renters choose for their chickens too! They help people understand what is required to care for chickens and help to educate them about common misconceptions about chickens and eggs.

Roscoe, New York - Homestead Kara and Mark are serving the Catskills / Hudson Valley with Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken. They also own and operate Buck Brook Alpacas which is a family-owned business started in 2013. They are located on one of the highest peaks in Sullivan County in the Western Catskill Mountains of New York. The farm was started for many reasons, but the main reason is their love of animals. In addition to everything alpaca, they also have llamas, chickens, ducks, barn cats, peacock, pig, and any other four- and two-legged boarders who are staying at the farm. They are very excited to venture on this journey with Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken, and they look forward to working with you.

Franklinton, North Carolina - Homestead Todd and Joni, along with their daughter, Rebekah, serve the greater Raleigh/Durham area from their 11-acre farm in Franklinton, NC. They raise chickens, guineas, goats, cows, donkeys, and have numerous cats on their farm. Their goal is to become as self sufficient as possible, using the land and resources God has given them. Homestead Joni has always enjoyed the farming life. She was regularly found in her neighbor's fields when growing up, helping him with his planting and harvesting. Homestead Todd enjoys hard work and keeps the farm going. Their daughter, Rebekah, loves living on a farm. She especially loves the cats who keep the rodent population in check on the farm. They are all excited to show others how living the farm life can be rewarding and just how fun and simple raising chickens for eggs can be!

Lodi, Ohio - Homestead Steve and Cindy are now serving Northeast Ohio to include Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Mansfield, and all areas in between! They created Earth Song Farm about 15 years ago as a working, visible model of sustainable and holistic living to inspire the young people of tomorrow. It is multi-faceted. Cindy is an artist, herbalist, Tai-Chi instructor and author of a new book called "Simply Natural". Homestead Steve and Cindy are also building a 3 acre adventure playground on their farm - Discovery Park Ohio. Life is full of magic and raising farm animals brings a connection to the earth.

Xenia, Ohio -Homestead Bill & Debbie serve Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Eaton Ohio and the surrounding areas. While enjoying time with their three children and seven grandchildren, their grandchildren enjoy time with the chickens! Their oldest granddaughter went to Grandpa one day and asked if they could raise chickens. Grandpa thought, why not, so they went to purchase six baby chicks that day! The following weeks, they made a coop and small run for the new addition to their family. Those six chicks have grown to over 125 chickens! So they now have 3 coops and a 4,800 sq foot run! Homestead Bill is a general contractor by trade and enjoys building rental coops for the renters in the Greater Dayton area. Homestead Debbie has recently retired! They are egg-cited to meet their customers and share the joy of backyard chickens. Since joining the Rent the Chicken family in the Fall of 2014, they have had a fun time sharing the joys of raising chickens with family and individuals that would not otherwise have this opportunity. Bill attends many community meetings to try to educate people on the facts and fiction in having backyard chickens & learn where and how their food sources comes from. If they aren't working or enjoying their family, they can be found hunting, fishing, camping, or traveling anywhere. They are egg-cited to offer Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken as an extension of their farm. “I get to meet so many great people through my business. It’s gratifying to see the renter’s excitement and their faces when we deliver the chickens! We enjoy sharing the joy of keeping chickens not only for the eggs but as fun pets too!"

Jefferson, Oregon - Homestead David and Fay provide Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken between Portland and Springfield, Oregon as well as Vancouver, Washington. They left the city with their dog, Jade, to enjoy the country and live a more self-sustaining lifestyle. With the purchase of their farm in Jefferson, the couple inherited ~30 chickens of varying breeds and a pair of peafowl. Homestead David has experience caring for chickens; during his childhood he often helped his parents and grandparents tend to their flocks. For Homestead Fay, raising chickens has been a completely new and delightful experience. As a life-long dog-lover, she quickly learned that chickens also bring much joy to the farm with their amusing antics and unique personalities. Their flock has quickly doubled as they both enjoy hatching and raising chicks. Homestead Fay works remotely in the information technology industry, and Homestead David works for a local chain of farm stores. In their spare time they enjoy gardening, wine tasting and spending time with their family and farm animals. They look forward to providing Hatch The Chicken to Portland / Vancouver and Eugene / Salem / Springfield as well as Rent The Chicken to Portland / Vancouver and Eugene / Salem / Springfield!

Albion, Pennsylvania - Homestead Isaac & Michelle are providing Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken to the western corner of Pennsylvania. They are the 4th generation to live on the family homestead “Mutton but Beef Farms” where they raise beef cows, sheep, a handful of goats, and of course, chickens. They are passionate about educating people on how important farmers are to their daily lives, and are excited to share the experience of raising animals with others through Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken. When they aren’t working on their farm they stay busy with their 4 children and volunteering with their local Agricultural fair, The Albion Area Fair.

Liverpool, Pennsylvania - Homestead Chris with his family serve Central Pennsylvania and the Greater Philadelphia Area from their 18 acre Pollyanna Farms in Liverpool, PA. Pollyanna Farms' name rights come from a dance hall that was used during prohibition. Their household includes three children, Chris' mom, and a pile of pups round out the farm crew! Homestead Chris was injured in a work related accident in 2017. To God be the glory that he's made quite the recovery! Their chickens are provided with fresh pasture every morning to give a variety of vegetation and insects. Their donkeys provide protection to the flock. All of their animals are out in the sunshine all day with opportunities to go under shelter as needed. Since joining the Rent the Chicken family in the Spring of 2015, they have had a fun time sharing the joys of raising chickens with family and individuals that would not have this opportunity other wise. Over the Summer of 2015, they also provided two hens on Broadway with Penn and Teller!

Freeport, Pennsylvania - Homestead Jenn & Phil are the co-founders of Rent The Chicken. It started as a way to earn supplemental income and is now full time employment for both stretching across the United States and Canada. They are blessed to be connected with many hard working individuals that make Rent The Chicken successful. On their homestead, they raise chickens, meat rabbits, and ducks (sometimes turkeys and meat chickens, too!). In their spare time, they enjoy motorcycling, canoeing, camping, and spending time with their older kitty, Givi and their new kitty, Henry (because he's not a hen... he's a Henry!). They've been Foster Parents previously and are determining their next steps to grow their family. They are very involved with their local church, being on the worship team (Homestead Phil plays the trombone and bass guitar but not at the same time!), and being involved with the community. Homestead Jenn has a blog about all things on their homestead: Rent The Chicken's Homestead Jenn - Family. Food. Fun!. Homestead Jenn is an Intermittent Faster as of September of 2019 and a runner as of August of 2020 participating in multiple half marathons and other races in 2021 - no one is even chasing her! Homestead Phil enjoys chatting on his HAM Radio talking all over the world without a telephone! Seeing the smiles on their renters faces is what they look forward to when making deliveries for Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken.

Lascassas, TN - Homestead RayLee and Bubba are serving Middle Tennessee. Their farm is located in a small Tennessee town of Lascassas. They have three children and three grandchildren who they enjoy spending time with. If they aren't with their family or on the farm, they can be found hunting, fishing, kayaking, camping, and horse riding! They are egg-cited to offer Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken as an extension of their farm.

Seymour, TN - Homestead Ash & Jake are providing Hatch The Chicken to Knoxville and surrounding areas. They moved to Tennesee in 2019 and started a small flock of ducks and chickens. Then they added some gardening to bring a more sustainable lifestyle. In doing so, they uncovered a passion for the homesteading lifestyle and wanted to find new ways to share this experience with others in our community! They started with 4 ducks and 4 chickens in 2022 and have grown that to 23 chickens and 7 ducks with much more on the way!

Centerville, Texas - Homestead Dez and Daniel are serving Dallas / Ft Worth, East Texas, and Houston with Rent The Chicken! They combined their separate cattle and chicken operations in 2018 when they married and formed Driftwood Meadows. Homestead Dez runs the poultry and pork operations for the farm and oversees the production of pasture-raised hertiage pork, chicken, eggs and turkey while Homestead Daniel coordinates the grass-fed beef cattle breeding and cow-calf operations. They bring to Rent The Chicken their promise to promote better land and animal management and provide real food to their family and community. Along with their daughter, Samantha, they will provide Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken to College Station / Centerville and communities up and down I-45 including the DFW metroplex and Houston.

Greensboro, VT - Homestead Warren and his mom Laura are providing Rent The Chicken to St Johnsbury, Northeastern Vermont, and Burlington. They are are excited to share their love of chickens with you. Warren raises chickens and sells eggs on the family homestead along with his sisters and parents. Together as a family they own and operate Hillcrest Nursery and Landscaping business. In his free time Warren enjoys riding his dirt bike, hiking with his golden Molly, survival camping and skiing in the winter.

Catlett, VA - Homestead Shannon and Homestead Larry are now serving Northern Virginia and the Greater Washington DC Area including the Maryland subburbs with Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken through The Abundance Farm. Their girls have been laying to sell-out crowds from their "Egg-Sell-Seer Hotel" honor stand at their farm for years. Their chickens are living their best life - eating well, getting plenty of fresh air, sunshine, AND lots of love! They have teamed up with Rent The Chicken so you can love and care for hens as much as they do. While the eggs are great - chickens are just FUN! If you've never watched chickens "play football" with a grape, get ready to laugh a lot! As for hatching, those who have the experience of hatching baby chicks can tell you that it's a memory you'll treasure for years to come! If you'd like to return your chicks to the farm in person, you'll get to harvest and keep a dozen eggs, feed our whole flock of about 250 hens, do a chicken scavenger hunt, and introduce your little guys to their new home. The Abundance Farm makes up 137 acres of beautiful farmland to provide guests with farm-fresh produce, a chance to reconnct with nature, and the opportunity to learn a few things along the way. And now, with Rent The Chicken, they are delighted to offer the same kind of rewarding experience in your own backyard!

Manassas, VA - Homestead Glenda & Homestead Katie are now serving Northern Virginia and the Greater Washington DC Area including the Maryland subburbs with Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken. More details to come.

Auburn, WA - Homestead Carl & Laura are now serving Seattle, Puget Sound and surrounding areas. They have found ways to own chickens in the unlikeliest of situations. While living with their parents they owned over 100 chickens at the same time as they had an internship at a chicken and dairy farm. When they moved to Seattle they found a home to rent in the city where they could own chickens. When they left Seattle, they found Higher Taste Blueberry Farm, a five-acre U-Pick blueberry farm on Lake Dolloff that they now manage and raise chickens on. Homestead Carl and Laura know that it can be a big investment to raise chicks and build a coop yourself, and that not every home is an ideal place to raise chickens. That’s why they want to help families throughout the Puget Sound region to experience keeping chickens in their own backyard with Rent The Chicken!

Canada Locations:

Red Deer, Alberta - Homestead Cheryl, Ossie, and their family are serving Calgary, Edmonton, and locally to Red Deer. Their love of chickens started in 2019 when they began the journey of raising hens as a viable and sustainable food source they can rely on themselves. Homestead Cheryl's youngest daughter has also raised a pet goose named Maverick that helps protect their flock along with two other geese! When they are not tending to the chickens, they love to hike as a family, enjoy time with their dogs and cats, or camp in the mountains. They believe everyone should have a chance to experience farm-fresh eggs even in urban areas and would love to share their chicken experiences with you.

Bridesville, British Columbia - Homestead Ron and Marie along with their son and daughter-in-law, Homstead Tristan and Ashley are serving The Boundary, Penticton, Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon, the Lower Mainland and the surrounding areas. Homestead Ron and Marie are passing the family farm to Homestead Tristan and Ashley as they are slowly rolling into retirement. Homestead Tristan and Ashley live on a beef, pig and goat ranch in Bridesville. Active in the Midway Fire and Rescue, the local ranching community, as well as 4-H BC, they are proud to be part of developing and supporting their generation of farmers and producers. Homestead Tristan and Ashley are excited about Rent The Chicken as a natural extension of their farm, providing opportunities for people to connect with their food sources.

Kamloops, British Columbia - Homestead Patti provides Hatch The Chicken to Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon, and beyond! Her and her husband, Len, live west of Kamloops in Savona BC, where they raise chickens, sell eggs, composting worms, broiler chickens, laying hens and turkeys from their family farm. They enjoy raising sheep and have enjoyed been involved with 4-H BC and their daughters many projects. Patti works part time at Hat Creek Historic Ranch. They are proud to be part of developing and supporting the next generation of farmers and producers. Homestead Patti is excited about Rent The Chicken as a natural extension of their farm, providing opportunities for people to connect with their food sources.

Victoria, British Columbia - Homestead Kate and Mike serve Victoria and the surrounding areas. Homestead Kate started Bees Please Farms as a way to help people in the city get to enjoy mini farms on their own properties. She grew up in Greater Vancouver and by no means was a farm girl, but as soon as she bought a house with her husband and started food gardening she was hooked. Homestead Kate rents out chickens as an affiliate of Rent the Chicken, and also rents out bees throughout the city. "I get to meet so many great people through my business. People want to feel that connection to where their food comes from. They also want to do what they can to support the environment. I help them do this and it couldn't make me happier." Place your $100 deposit today and don't miss out on your own chicken rental! Homestead Kate sells out every year so don't delay!

Rockwood, Ontario - Homestead Berty & Doug with their family serve the GTA and South-Central Ontario! They are a family of six with two dogs living just north of Milton, Ontario. With Homestead Berty growing up in Amsterdam and Homestead Doug growing up on a vegetable farm, neither one had been up close to a chicken until way into their 30s! One day, their daughter was given chicks and since then they were hooked. In their opinion, chickens are the funniest and most therapeutic animals on this planet! Just sit with or watch a chicken and all will be calm! On top of that, they provide the most delicious eggs every day! Homestead Berty is so happy that she has the opportunity to share all of this with other people through Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken. She is looking forward to meeting you!