Summer Camp Partnerships

Our mission is "Families helping families to bring one food source closer to your table". We offer that same mission to Summer Camps to help bring agriculture back into the the lives of your campers. Often children do not know that an egg right from a hen is ready for breakfast!

We are delivering Rent The Chicken Rental Packages to Summer Camps all across the United States and Canada. Our Rent The Chicken packages have traditional Rental Periods that are Spring until Fall. We can accommodate Summer Camps with the following:

  • Alternate Rental Period of the start of your camp to the end.
  • Full tutorial/presentation to as many students as possible.
  • Donation of the provided book with our rentals for your Summer Camp's library with an option to purchase more at a discount.
  • $50 referral credit on the next invoice for every referral provided by your Summer Camp.

  • Wait.. there's more! Some Summer Camps want to extend the Rental even further to offer a Chickens 101 activity for the duration of the Summer Camp! If that's fits your curriculum, then we can offer an event larger promotion:
  • For every Rental Package reserved, your Summer Camp will receive a $50 discount beyond the first coop.
  • If you rent five Rental Packages, you'll earn a sixth Standard Rental for FREE!

    A big reason we do what we do is to try and bring agriculture back to the people. There are far too many children who have no idea where their food comes from and how to properly care for animals. This would be an amazing opportunity for you to help teach kids a small part of where their food comes from. And as an added bonus, you can cook for the kids with farm fresh eggs!

    Click here for our locations and then click on the location closest to you.
    Give us a call at 724-305-0782 (USA) or 844-310-8782 (Toll-Free - Canada) to reserve your Rent The Chicken package to bring backyard chickens to your Summer Camp!