Dallas / Ft Worth - Hatch The Chicken

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Homestead Deric & Amy now offer Hatch The Chicken to Dallas / Ft Worth!
Rent The Chicken - Dallas / Ft Worth / North Texas

Hatch The Chicken Rental Package - $225
  • Five week rental
  • We offer rentals from in the Spring and Summer based on availability.
  • Delivery, setup, and pick-up (within the parameters of the Free Delivery area outlined below)
  • Mini incubator
  • Seven high quality hatching eggs
  • High powered "candling light" to examine the eggs during incubation
  • Rent The Chicken Chick Starter Kit - brooder box, wood shavings, chick feed, water dish, feed dish, and deluxe heat source
  • Quick guide on caring for the incubator, hatching eggs, and chicks
  • A copy of the book "Where Do Chicks Come From?" by Amy E. Sklansky for yours to keep
To schedule your Hatch The Chicken delivery, call us toll-free at 844-310-8782 today or click below to pay online via PayPal (a PayPal account is not required)!

Additional Notes
Hatch The Chicken renters who are participating in Rent The Chicken with coordinated delivery or pick-up of both Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken receive a $25 discount.
Possible additional fees: Due to the increase of feed cost and fuel cost, closer to delivery, there may be a slight surcharge for one or both of these items.

Transportation Logistics:
Our Hatch The Chicken rentals at $225 include FREE DELIVERY and free pick up to our predetermined meetup location in Round Rock, TX on a predetermined day with a time to be determined closer to the meeting date. Through the pandemic, we learned that with an amazing tutorial video, our renters can watch the video, and "setup" the incubator in minutes!

What happens to the chicks?
Here are a number of scenarios as to what happens to the baby chicks after our Hatch The Chicken program is complete:
  • The girls are raised to be hens for Rent The Chicken
  • The girls are raised as breeding stock for Hatch The Chicken
  • The boys are raised to be roosters to fertilize eggs for Hatch The Chicken
  • The girls are raised to lay eggs for our families
  • The boys are raised to protect our flocks to help keep them safe
  • The chicks are sold to families looking to expand their flocks
  • The roosters are sold to families looking to protect their flock

  • We can't confirm what other organizations do with their baby chicks after a hatching program but we know with our whole hearts that all of the chicks hatched with our Hatch The Chicken program provide a purpose following the rental. We value their lives and value what they bring to our business and those who participate in our programs.