Give The Chicken

Are you ready to donate? Donations can be received by clicking here. You'll be able to read about each of the organizations or individuals that have been nominated to receive a Hatching experience or a Chicken experience.

We here at Rent The Chicken believe wholeheartedly that everyone who wants to Hatch The Chicken or Rent The Chicken should be able to do so. While we donate rentals throughout the year to many people and organizations, we just can’t meet all of the requests for donations. Our solution? We recently launched Give The Chicken(tm), a crowd-funding campaign to help us spread the love of chickens far and wide. You can now nominate a person or organization to receive a Hatch The Chicken or Rent The Chicken package with full support from all of us here at Rent The Chicken!

Who can benefit from chickens? Everyone! Whether providing therapy at a senior care facility or thrilling kids in the classroom, Give The Chicken(tm) can make a difference for many in your community. And let’s not forget about families, too, who are embracing the farm-to-table movement. Chickens can help everyone!

Let’s talk therapy. Senior Care Facilities have been participating in Rent the Chicken for several years now with so many benefits to residents. We have also personally seen autistic children’s eyes open wide with the impact of keeping backyard hens. Give The Chicken(tm) can help provide a Rent The Chicken therapy package that includes 2-4 chickens, a portable coop, and full support from Rent the Chicken. Therapy programs run 5 to 6 months and can make a big difference in the lives of seniors and special needs individuals.

As for education, Hatch The Chicken has become a valuable classroom tool for teachers looking to incorporate a thrilling lesson into their STEM programs. Schools, day cares, and homeschoolers have all been using chick hatching to engage and excite students about science. New with Give The Chicken(tm), we can help provide a Hatch The Chicken package to nominees that includes the incubator, all supplies, and supplemental educational materials. At the end of the 5-week program, all hatchlings and supplies are returned to our farm. This removes the stress from participants of having to find a home for their chicks.

As Farm to Table philosophy takes hold across the country, Give The Chicken(tm) is ready to step in and help provide a Rent The Chicken package to families interested in backyard hens. Imagine them being able to harvest breakfast from your own backyard! Now imagine the stress of figuring it out and the costs associated being completely handled when they get their own Rent The Chicken 5 to-6 month package delivered to your home! No guessing, no stressing, and no long term commitment required. Rent The Chicken will provide the hens, coop, and full support. It won’t be long before they are enjoying their own healthy egg breakfast right from their own yard.

Are you ready to nominate a friend, family member, or facility to receive a Rent The Chicken or Hatch The Chicken Rental through Give The Chicken(tm)?

We are currently accepting nominations for individuals, homeschoolers, schools of all levels, senior care facilities, libraries, rehabilitation centers, non-profits, and other worthy programs who might benefit from Give The Chicken(tm). Not sure if your friend, family member, or facility will qualify? Fill out the form below. Already have the funding without the need for crowd sourcing, contact us!

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