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Homestead Ron & Marie are serving Kelowna, Vernon, and surrounding areas.

Rent The Chicken - Kamloops, Vernon, Kelowna
Hatch The Chicken - Kamloops

2021 Hatch The Chicken Rental Package - $260 - CONTACT US FOR AVAILABILITY!
  • Five week rental
    • Current months include: September & October
  • Delivery, setup, and pick-up (within the parameters of the Free Delivery area outlined below)
  • Mini incubator
  • Seven fertile eggs
  • High powered "candling light" to examine the eggs during incubation
  • Rent The Chicken Chick Starter Kit - brooder box, wood shavings, chick feed, water dish, feed dish, heat source, and thermometer
  • Quick guide on caring for the incubator, fertile eggs, and chicks
  • A copy of the book "Where Do Chicks Come From?" by Amy E. Sklansky for you to keep
Additional Notes
  • CONTACT US FOR AVAILABILITY - through our contact form or by phone toll-free at 844-310-8782
  • Hatch The Chicken renters who are participating in Rent The Chicken with coordinated delivery or pick-up of both Rent The Chicken and Hatch The Chicken receive a $25 discount
Possible Transportation Fees
Our Rental Packages include FREE DELIVERY to Kelowna, Vernon, and surrounding areas. For customers outside of our FREE DELIVERY area, please call us at 844-310-8RTC (8782) for a delivery quote. For customers in or around Kamloops, click here.