Out of Area Packages

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For years, we've only been able to deliver to areas where we have a local Rent The Chicken provider. Now we can provide a turnkey package for purchase anywhere in the USA!

2022 Out of Area Purchase Package - $1350
    • 1 Amish Made Rent The Chicken Portable Chicken Coop
      • Ships flat with shipping included
      • Assembles with just a few tools
      • Easy to move the length of the coop
    • 3 Almost ready to lay hens
    • 12-21 eggs per week total
    • 1 Food dish
    • 1 Water dish
    • 1 Bag of bedding
    • 20 pounds of Non-GMO or Organic Chicken Feed depending on availability
    • Instruction sheet of caring for your hens
    • Video tutorial of your coop and caring for your hens
    • A copy of "Fresh Eggs Daily" by Lisa Steele
    • Rent The Chicken friends to answer questions and concerns about your hens

    Additional Notes
    Your new Amish Made Rent The Chicken Portable Chicken Coop and supplies will ship within FOUR TO FIVE WEEKS of receiving your order. With some elbow grease and the help of our instructions, you'll be able to assemble this coop in about an hour. Your hens will arrive after your coop arrives. Please note, due to the availablity of chickens it could take up to 8 weeks for your chickens to arrive. Typically we try to have your chickens shipped one to two weeks after your coop arrives. They hens are expected to lay mid-late July. We will do our best to arrange to ship 3 hens that do not look alike. For a $250 fee, a rush can be placed on your order for the coop and the hens to ship within THREE weeks. This is a purchase and not a rental. This package is only available in the 48 Contiguous United States. States change their laws about chickens being delivered and charge us additional fees for delivery. These laws constantly change. There may be additional fees due if your state (California and Florida normally charge us an extra $50) has fees that we must pay. Those fees will be required prior to us shipping your chickens too you.

    Give us a call toll-free at 844-310-8782 to place your order or click below to pay via PayPal.
    Out of Area Package

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