The Lower Mainland, BC

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Homestead Ashley & Tristan are serving the Lower Mainland and surrounding areas.

Hatch The Chicken - Lower Mainland

2023 Lower Mainland Rental Package - $985 CDN + GST & PST (12%)
    • Rentals available: April or May - October
    • Delivery, setup, and pick-up of the contents
    • 3 Rent The Chicken Egg-Laying Hens
    • 12-21 eggs per week total
    • 1 Deluxe Coop that can be easily moved 
    • 1 Custom Rent The Chicken Food dish
    • 1 Water dish
    • 60kg of high quality chicken feed (optional organic feed available for $105 CDN)
    • Quick guide for taking care of your Rent The Chickens
    • A copy of "Happy Hens Fresh Eggs" by Signe Langford

    Possible Transportation Fees
    Our Rental Packages include FREE DELIVERY to the Lower Mainland. For customers outside of our FREE DELIVERY area, please call us toll-free at 844-310-8782 for a delivery quote. A $100 non-refundable deposit is due at time of time of reservation for the Lower Mainland Rental Package. If an early pick-up is needed, a predetermined fee will be charged. Deliveries to the Lower Mainland are being delivered from Bridesville.

    Additional Notes
    Possible additional fees: Due to the increase of feed cost and fuel cost, closer to delivery, there may be a slight surcharge for one or both of these items.

    Want The Discount?
    We will credit $50 off of your Rent The Chicken or adoption for every friend referred who Rents The Chicken. Credits can never be refunded as cash and can never be used for more than one Rental Season at a time.

    Reserve Your Rent The Chicken Package Now!
    To place your deposit via e-transfer, you can reserve by clicking here or the image below and we'll send you info on how to send the e-transfer to us. Please call us Toll Free at 844-310-8RTC (8782) to place your deposit for Rent The Chicken via e-transfer, cash, cheque, or credit card over the phone.

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